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The Avant® 700 Series is the largest front loader in the Avant® range. All Avant® machines have been designed for low fuel consumption thanks to their econmoical engines and the Avant® 700 is no different - and with extreemly low maintenance required the 700 will retain an excellent resale value. 

The Avant® 700 is a 4WD front loader that has a 49hp diesel engine and is a very robust machine that can easily handle jobs that are usually undertaken by a fork-lift-truck, digger, or tractor unit. The Avant® 700 Series also has an array of attachemnts making it ideal for hedge cutting, mowing, levelling ground, shifting heavy and bulky load, the list goes on, this machine simply performs

  • Highest lifting capacity, pulling force and drive speed - as high as 30 km/h

  • High-flow auxiliary hydraulics runs all Avant attachments

  • Telescopic boom as standard

  • Wide range of options

  • All cab options available,  also A/C on cab DLX

  • Optidrive™ drive circuit developed by Avant improves the performance of the loader by even 10 %



Model                                                                  Avant® 745                        Avant® 750                         Avant® 760

Engine                                                               Kubota V2403 49hp          Kubota V2403 49hp          Kohler KDI 57hp

Fuel                                                        Diesel                           Diesel                           Diesel     Weight                                                    1650kg                        1700kg                         2100kg

Turning Radius (inside/outside) 1240mm / 2780mm         1240mm / 2780mm          1240mm / 2780mm  Max Lifting Height                                   3080mm                      3080mm                      3100mm      Tipping Load                                            1400kg                        1400kg                          1400kg


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