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Avant screening bucket separates different sized soil materials effectively with the help of it’s unique construction. The purpose of the screening bucket is indeed to separate the larger and smaller particles from the soil and not crush the larger material into smaller particles.

Top soil making for landscaping, nurseries and whole sale is the principal use for Avant screening buckets. Advantage of screening bucket is, that no sharp particles are crushed into the material, making it safe to use in garden and park areas.

Avant screening buckets also make it possible to alter the top soil composition for different uses. You are able to mix peat, sand, silt, clay or moraine into the top soil to make the soil composition right for different purposes. In the demolition and construction site you can separate different size of construction and demolition waste making it easier to recycle them.

  • Multifunctional. Landscaping contractors can make topsoil directly on the work site with the same machine they are using for other jobs.

  • Cost and time saving. No need to transport ready screened topsoil to the work site.

  • Heavy duty construction. Designed for professional screening work.


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